Aglianico DOC Sannio

The grapes destined to the production of the Aglianico DOC Sannio originate from vineyards where the optimal exposure and the hilly slope of the soil are decisive for a proper maturation.

Aglianico 100%.

Vineyards dedicated to the production of the Aglianico DOC Sannio are subject to green harvesting, when the ripeness ranges from 30% to 40% depending on the characteristics of the vintage.

The grapes harvested in the second half of October undergo a soft de-stalking, followed by alcohol fermentation in stainless steel tanks at controlled temperatures, varying between 25° and 28°C. This process extracts the essential compounds from the skins, with the help of periodic pumping over to keep the must in contact with the skins. Maceration of the skins lasts between fifteen and eighteen days.

Refining is done entirely in stainless steel tanks. Regular transfer operations contribute to the aromatic and tasteful evolution of the product. After a few months of refinement in the bottle, the wine begins to express the characteristics of pleasantness and drinkability of the young Aglianico.

Despite the grapes being produced to best express the fruity and fresh characteristics found in the wine, Aglianico DOC Sannio still benefits from a certain period of refinement in the bottle, which undoubtedly enhances its complexity and nuances of the grapes. We can consider it, albeit a young spirit, a long-term investment.

Rich ruby red colour; intense and with decided aromas, from typical spicy hints to fruity, with a soft but lively tannin. Wine with character, medium structured, very harmonious.

Aglianico DOC Sannio is a product that blends perfectly with first and second courses of the Campania cuisine in particular, which is rich in flavour while not being difficult to prepare. It also goes well with salty, mildly seasoned cheeses, and salami typical of the Campania countryside.

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