Extra virgin olive oil

the production of extra virgin olive oil is a very ancient tradition for the Samnite lands. Their origins are lost in history and it is estimated that the olive tree arrived in this area in 400 BC. at the time of the Greeks.

ortolana oil is a characteristic cultivar of the hilly areas. The plant has a medium development, with large dark green lanceolate leaves. The fruit is large, almost spherical, tending towards purplish when ripe; the pulp is white and detaches easily from the stone, for which it is also used as a table olive: locally, in fact, it is called Olive for the water. The Ortolana olive reaches a maximum acidity of 0.20%.

to obtain oils of the highest quality, the harvest is carried out with manual destemming during the veraison phase and the milling on the same day, with a cold extraction method with a continuous plant; these precautions, combined with a natural settling, ensure the maintenance of the nutritional properties and organoleptic characteristics of the extra virgin olive oil.

yellow oil with delicate green reflections, the medium intensity olive smoothie is distinctly herbaceous and rich in fragrances of leaves, green apples, almonds and artichokes. The very balanced taste in light bitter and spicy tones highlights an excellent persistence of the aromatic component with a particular balsamic note. The delicate harmony of this product suggests its combination with simple dishes: soups, red meats, marinated anchovies, grilled vegetables.

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